RainWise Weather Product Support


Support for the MK4 Weather Station

The RainWise MK4 Cellular Weather Station can ONLY connect to a cellular network (typically Verizon or AT&T according to your station's SIM card for US customers), and can not connect to a WiFi network. You can use provider coverage maps or third party tools such as the Open Signal app or RootMetrics app to plan an optimal location for your station.

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Operating modes:

When power switch is flipped ON, the station will transmit once every 5 minutes for a period of 30 minutes, and then revert to normal operation mode, transmitting every 15 minutes. During that time, the multicolor LED on the PV power panel will indicate the connection status:

  • Flashing magenta (every 10 seconds): Attempting to connect to a cellular network
  • Flashing green (every 10 seconds): Standard Operation
  • Flashing blue (every 10 seconds): Power Saver Mode
  • Flashing red (every 10 seconds): Logging Mode
  • Flashing red (every 20 seconds): Hibernation Mode

The RainWise MK4 Cellular Weather Station is shipped with a fully charged battery and the station is designed to maintain Normal Operation in subfreezing weather. If solar charging is insufficient due to extended snow cover or installation in a shaded location, the station will change operating modes to conserve power as detailed in the table below:

Operating Mode Standard Power Saver Logging Hibernation
RainWise.net Battery Level Battery Charged Low battery Critically Low Battery Critically Low Battery
Sensor Measurement Frequency 1 min 2 min 5 min None
Fan Aspiration Active 24 Hours Active 24 Hours Active 24 Hours Off
Cellular DataTransmission Frequency 15 min 15 min 24 hr None
Blinking LED Green Blue Red Red
LED Frequency 10 sec 10 sec 10 sec 20 sec

IMPORTANT: If the station enters hibernation mode due to a depleted battery, the station must be left turned “on” and placed in direct sunlight to recharge. If the station is in hibernation mode for an extended period of time, the red LED will stop blinking. When the battery is charged sufficiently (typically 1-3 days), the station will switch back to Logging mode, then Normal Operation mode as charging allows. You will receive an email notification when the station returns to Normal Operation mode.

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Please see this video on how to install the soil sensor array to the KestrelMet 6000 weather station: Soil Sensor Array Installation ... Permalink