Agricultural Weather Systems

Agricultural Weather Systems

A Better Weather Solution For Farms & Growers

RainWise Agricultrual Weather Monitoring Systems help you get better data faster so you can plan, react, and grow better.

Network for Environment and Weather Applications

RainWise Inc. is the official provider of weather stations for the "Network for Environment and Weather Applications" (NEWA) network. NEWA is operated by the New York State IPM Program at Cornell University.

Due to the success of the NEWA project, other states in the Northeast have joined the network. These states include Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont. NEWA currently provides degree days for ten base temperatures, two crop management forecasts and 25 insect and disease forecasts.

Monitoring Capabilities Include

  • Air temperature, humidity, & wind sensors
  • Rain & barometric pressure measurement
  • Soil temperature & soil moisture modules

Functional Features Include:

  • Wireless, solar-powered sensor assemblies
  • IP-100 Internet gateway for accessing free monitoring tools
  • Grower-specific premium subscription features
  • Cellular telemtery module for remote connectivity

NEWA: RainWise helps growers save an annual average of $4,329 from reduced pesticide applications and $33,048 in avoided crop losses

"If your Rainwise station is getting old (>6 years) consider replacing the machine if this decision suits your farm management needs.  A 2017 online survey of current NEWA users found that 75% of growers are saving money on their spray bill with average annual savings of $4,329 from reduced pesticide applications and $33,048 in avoided crop losses."

- NEWA Blog

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Why RainWise For Your Agricultural Needs?

Greater Range

With connection distances of up to 1 mile, RainWise offers greater range than other agricultural weather station systems.

Industry Best Warranty

RainWise stations are built stronger to last longer and backed by an industry-best 2 year warranty.

Out-Of-The-Box Ready

RainWise weather systems are shipped fully assembled and calibrated, and install in just minutes.