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Leave the Weather Up to Us

With RainWise®, you don't need to be the weather expert. Our PVMet™ Weather Stations are configured by solar weather experts to your exact needs and arrive fully assembled. No matter your need for a PVMet station, we ensure you spend minimal time and resources from ordering to installation and even have a dedicated support staff to ensure you are cared for years after purchase. Leave PV weather monitoring up to a reliable partner with industry-proven technology and industry-best service.

Sensor and Connectivity Options

We are a reliable and accurate weather station manufacturer with a wide range of high-quality sensor and connectivity options

Sensor Options:

  • Global Irradiance (GHI)
  • Plane-of-Array Irradiance (POA)
  • Albedo (for bifacial PV Panels plants)
  • Back-of-PV Module (BOM) Temperature
  • Class A, B, and C Thermopile Sensors
  • Silicon Diode Sensors
  • Reference Cell Sensors
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rain Gauge
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure

Connectivity Options:

  • Modbus RTU /RS485
  • Modbus TCP /Ethernet

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Inverter and Solar Monitoring Companies

Inverter and Solar Monitoring Companies

Already trusted by the world's largest inverter companies, RainWise® PVMet Solar Monitoring Weather Stations offer a complete solution for your core business. Our best-in-class technology is compatible with most major data loggers and offers the widest range of sensor options. Factory tested and calibrated, our stations are not only highly accurate but compact and durable to ensure reliable performance throughout the life of the project. As an engineering firm, we are the ideal partner that can not only design solutions for your unique needs but deliver support throughout the sale lifecycle.

Data Logger Compatibility

Our stations are compatible with most major data loggers:

Company Data Logger
Obvius AcquiSuite - EMB A8810 & A8820
Chint Power Systems FlexOM Gateway
FIMER (ABB) VSN700 datalogger
Huawei Smartloggers: 1000A, 2000, 3000, and 3000A
SMA Data Manager M

Don't see your data logger on the list? We are constantly adding companies and products to our compatibility list. We are currently compatible with any data logger conforming to SunSpec standards. Contact us for more information on compatibility*, or to have your data logger added to our list. *We can't guarantee compatibility with devices that are not on the list.

Configure a Custom Solution

RainWise is uniquely positioned to provide you with turn-key solar monitoring solutions that can be tailored to your business model and financial goals. Whether it's pre or post-sale, we have dedicated staff and engineers ready to assist.

For help with a solution configuration, contact Eric Rollins at 207-266-8465 or email

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPCs)

At RainWise®, we don't expect you to be the expert in your weather station requirements. That's our job. We deliver a personalized experience to customize a complete solution to meet your exact needs. Our wide range of high-quality sensors allows us to meet projects with the most complex requirements and deliver a cost-effective solution that is easy to install. Each PVMet™ station will arrive fully configured, assembled, and ready to be installed so you can quickly commission the project.

Request a Quote

Lean on us to build a solution that meets your weather station requirements. All we need is a few specifics about your project, and we have the resources and expertise to provide a custom solution. To get started with a quote request, email Eric Rollins at

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Specifically engineered for C&I PV Monitoring, RainWise® PVMet™ Solar Monitoring Stations are backed by a team of expert engineers and on-hand support staff. You don't have to worry about downtime with us. Our parts are ready when you need them. We can get ahead of your calibration schedule with planned parts and keep a stock of spare parts that are ready to ship for that unexpected replacement. At RainWise, we see ourselves as an extension of your team and offer a system audit so you can ensure maximum production with the most cost-effective solution. Our personalized approach extends to our products that are designed with high-quality sensors with proven reliability year after year.

Request an Audit

Want to know how your current system could be improved? We can help with that. Our team offers expert advice and a cost-effective solution for maximizing the output of your existing PV Plant, so you don't have to spend more on repairs or maintenance in the future.

To get started with an audit, email Eric Rollins at

Request Replacement Parts

Do you have a RainWise PVMet Weather Station that needs a replacement part? Our manufacturing plant is located in Boothwyn, PA, with parts ready to ship. We can also assist you in setting up and holding replacement stock for planned or emergency needs. Contact Brad Luscombe at 207-801-4036 or email at

Which PVMet Solar Monitoring Station is right for you?

PVMet 75 PVMet 100 PVMet 150
PVMet 200
PVMet 330
PVMet 75 PVMet 100 PVMet 150 PVMet 200 PVMet 330
  Global or/both Plane-of-Array Irradiance Sensor
Global or/both Plane-of-Array Irradiance Sensor ✔ (or) ✔ (or) ✔ (or) ✔ (both) ✔ (both)
  Back of PV Panel Temperature Sensors
Back of PV Panel Temperature Sensors
  Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  Modbus RTU
Modbus RTU
  Ethernet Modbus TCP Option Available
Ethernet Modbus TCP Option Available
  Additional Irradiance Sensor Option
Additional Irradiance Sensor Option    
  Wind Speed Sensor
Wind Speed Sensor      
  Wind Direction Sensor
Wind Direction Sensor      
  Relative Humidity Sensor
Relative Humidity Sensor        
  Barometric Pressure Sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor        
  Rain Gauge Sensor
Rain Gauge Sensor        

Multifunctional Professional Weather Monitoring

The PVMet 500 is a completely customizable solution to fit your specific solar monitoring needs.

 PVMet 500 Solar Monitoring and Weather Station

The PVMet 500 Supports:

  • (3) Irradiance Sensors
  • (3) Back-of-Panel Temp Sensors

Sensors & Options
Ambient Temperature (Standard on base model)
Relative Humidity (Standard on base model)
Barometric Pressure (Standard on base model)

Optional Sensors
Ultra Sonic Anemometer (Optional)
Mini-Aervane (Optional)
Rain Gauge/mounted or stand-alone (Optional)