About RainWise

From its founding in 1974, RainWise has paved the way for professional-grade meteorological equipment to empower operations leaders in industries ranging from agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, engineering, and technology to make informed decisions based on weather data. Founder and inventor John Baer transformed RainWise to become industry pioneers, leading the advancement of weather monitoring technology from the development of our original product, the Remote Reading Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, to the invention of the first digital weather station. Today, more than 80 percent of rain gauges in the world still use Baer's original design concept.

RainWise manufactures professional weather stations, solar sensors, rain gauges, and more for commercial and industrial customer markets. When organizations are impacted by weather, their operations leaders need accurate site-specific data to make smart real-time decisions and lower risk. When an operations leader relies on RainWise, they can transform the uncertainty of weather conditions into a confident decision that provides stability in the midst of a volatile and changing climate.

In January 2020, Nielsen-Kellerman, Inc. (NK) acquired RainWise. NK's acquisition of RainWise closely follows its acquisition of Ambient, LLC ("Ambient") and confirms its commitment to becoming a full-range provider of weather instrumentation.

We are devoted to being at the forefront of weather monitoring technology and continue to provide you with trusted products that will serve the hobbyist to the engineer.

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