PVmet 200 Commercial Solar Monitoring

With over 2000 stations in the field, the PVmet 200 is our best-selling commercial model option. It features sensors specific to PV and wind power generation. The PVmet 200 is a cost-effective commercial model that is compact and simple to install. Ships fully assembled and factory calibrated.

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The PVmet series of weather stations are designed to meet the monitoring demands of cutting-edge solar power generation. The PVmet™ 200 is our bet-selling model and is used for commercial weather monitoring. It is for users that require the highest caliber PV and wind sensors. All our PVmet stations are SunSpec certified or compliant and feature integration via MODBUS RTU interface using RS-485. Our growing family of PVmet solutions offer the right fit for any PV monitoring project.


  • Global Solar Irradiance Sensor
  • Plane of Array Irradiance Sensor
  • Back-of-PV Panel Temp Sensor (can add a second back of panel sensor for additional cost)
  • Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  • Wind Speed Sensor
  • Wind Direction Sensor
  • Modbus RTU Communication
  • Ethernet Modus TCP option available
  • Ships fully assembled and factory calibrated
  • SunSpec Certified

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