Community "Solar Garden" Powers Ontario Homes and Businesses


Product Used: PVMet™ 200 Solar Monitoring Station

Engenuity Systems the largest distributor of open system products in the United States, together with Endura Energy and RainWise Inc, worked with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to create multiple 500 kW solar farms across Ontario with the PVMET200 environmental weather station. The energy produced at these solar gardens is fed into the Ontario electric grid to power homes and businesses. To collect and analyze data on energy production each day, the companies required weather stations for each solar garden. Irradiance, temperature, and wind speed all need to be measured quickly and accurately, then fed into the facility control system. Engenuity Systems collaborated with RainWise to create the PVMET200, which included Back of Cell temperature sensors for monitoring, setting the trend for weather stations in the solar world. The back of cell temperature sensor allows facility managers to monitor the temperature of photocells to make sure they are not overheating, maintaining maximum productivity, and improving equipment longevity.

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