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Support for all RainWise Weather Station Accessories

Please see our guidance here for changing the battery in my MK-III weather station:

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

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The MK-III Weather Station is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt / 5 AMP Hour Battery.  It is a rechargeable battery that is recharged daily by the solar panel attached to the weather station sensor assembly.

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Effective April 1, 2020 - Rainwise Inc. has only one mobile app available and supported for RainWise.net Users.


It is FREE in both the itunes store and Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, you can either add a station, or multiple stations.  You can either log into your Rainwise.net Account using the same credentials that you currently use at www.Rainwise.net or you can add individual stations one at a time by adding that station's "STATION PLACEHOLDER"

This is just another term or different verbiage for your "mobile app station ID"  It is typically a six character alpha numeric combination.  For example, the Station Placeholder for the Rainwise Weather Station located at our Office in Trenton, Maine is:  E61N7G

You can find the Station Placeholder in your Rainwise.net Settings tabs.  It is located on the STATION INFO tab, and it is listed as the APP Station ID.

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To perform a factory reset on your Weather Oracle MK-III Multi-Display start first by removing any and all batteries that may be installed in the back of the display panel.  Once batteries are all removed press three buttons on the front of the display.

Press MIN, and then SELECT, and then BAROMETER.  Not holding any of them down, just three seperate button presses.  One right after another.  When you press on BAROMETER, press right in the center of the word BAROMETER.  If you successfully completed the factory reset, your windspeed will cycle through numbers really quickly., your clock will reset to 12:00 and within 10 seconds you should regain data from your station. 

Please note:  This process will remove any and all custom settings in the Weather Oracle MK-III Multi-Display.

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