MK-lll Display Package


MK-III Weather Station with Oracle Digital Multi-Display

The foundation of every RainWise package is the MK-III weather station. This package includes the MK-III-LR and our Oracle Multi-Display. The MK-III is the most accurate, easy-to-install and durable weather station available.

Due to a supplier change, Display frame colors and styles may vary


This package represents the most popular choice of systems purchased since the MK-III line began back in 2001.  The multi-display is the star of the package.  The bright, red LED displays can easily be seen from 20 feet away.  Multiple viewing windows also allow a quick update of current conditions with no more than a glance.  Every measured or calculated parameter has a display, including a wind direction indicator. Some windows have options on what is displayed, the temperature window will display either outside temperature, inside temperature, wind chill or dew point. In addition to the real-time data, the Weather Oracle records minimum and maximum values, with time of occurrence, for wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, temperature humidity index, dew point, and barometer. For rainfall, two different accumulations are recorded. Each rainfall counter shows the time and date of the last counter reset.

Package Includes

  • Oracle Multi-Display
  • MK-III-LR Weather Station
  • Mono Mount

RainWise Misc Downloads

This document is the instructions for changing Cables for either the Mini Aervane or Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors or Both.

RainWise MK-III Weather Station Downloads

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

RainWise MK-III Troubleshooting Documents

This is the part replacement instructions for a Mini-Aervane (also known as) a Anemometer. This is for the MKIII, and earlier version Weather Stations, Agromet, and Telemet Stations.

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