Mono Mount


The Mono Mount is a flexible mounting alternative to the standard 3-foot tripod. It's quick and easy to install and can be mounted on a pitched or flat roof as well as a vertical surface such as a gable end.


The Mono Mount is constructed from powder-coated steel and includes galvanized mounting hardware. This mounting system is strong, durable, and stable – built to endure years of wear from extreme weather. The base can be adjusted to mount on any roof pitch or a vertical surface such as a gable end of a building.


  • Compact base footprint 4-3/4" W x 7" H (mounting footprint 3.75" W x 6" H) 
  • Includes U-bolt mounting hardware to accommodate poles with diameters from 1"-2"
  • Includes four 1-5/8" lag screws and a tar pad 
  • Can be adjusted to provide 12" of clearance in the horizontal direction to work with most eave or roof overhangs. 

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