Weather Underground Optimized PWS Package


This exciting bundle has everything you need to view and monitor the weather conditions near you and be able to automatically send the data directly to Weather Underground (WUnderground). This allows you to access the data from anywhere in the world with Weather Underground's web and mobile apps!

New! Learn more about the KestrelMet 60000, our latest weather station, optimized for Ambient Weather Network (AWN) – the popular alternative to WUnderground.


RainWise® PWS Direct to Weather Underground®

Get More from Your Weather Station, Only $999!

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You know that conditions where you live are different from the nearest airport, so why not get the forecast for your location instead? With the RainWise® PWS Direct to Weather Underground®, your station will automatically send data to Weather Underground®, giving you access to your live weather data and forecasts for your location.

RainWise® is now offering a special Weather Underground® optimized package with our WU-PWS weather station and WU-100 network interface pre-programmed to connect you directly to the Weather Underground® Personal Weather Station (PWS) network. Joining the PWS network will allow you to:

  • Stream live conditions directly to the cloud
  • Get custom forecasts from the Weather Underground® meteorology team for your location
  • Access data and forecasts from anywhere with Weather Underground® web and mobile apps

Measure and Record the following:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Barometric pressure
  • Rainfall

For other sensor options, check out the RainWise® MK-III, AgroMET and PVmet systems

This great package includes the following components:

  • The WU-PWS wireless, solar-powered weather station provides the best accuracy of any consumer weather station on the market. This compact, rugged, and elegantly designed unit comes fully assembled providing quick and easy installation. No local computer or special software is needed, so it'seasy to set up. It is virtually Plug & Play!
  • Our WU-100 network interface connects you directly to the Weather Underground® network for state-of-the -art personal location forecasts. You also get full access to RainWise®Net data portal for additional user benefits.
  • This package comes with the RainWise® Mono Mount for easy installation.

This system is compatible with our popular Oracle Display and Oracle Multi Display wall units.

Limitations & Requirements:

  • Free registration to the Weather Underground® network is required
  • Broadband Ethernet connection is required
  • No additional sensors can be added to this station

RAINWISE is a registered trademark of RainWise Inc.
WEATHER UNDERGROUND is a registered trademark of The Weather Channel, LLC. WU and Design are trademarks of The Weather Channel, LLC.

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Introducing the KestrelMet 6000 Wi-Fi Weather Station! Learn more about this rugged, low-maintenance weather station that directly connects to Ambient Weather Network (AWN) – no need for separate interface. Similar to WU, the Ambient Weather Network is a powerful online weather platform for viewing, sharing, and managing weather data around the globe but with new features and enhancements. Learn more here.

The Ambient Weather Network is a new online weather platform that is gaining popularity as an alternative to the well-known Weather Underground website and app. Like Weather Underground, the Ambient Weather Network provides hyper-local weather conditions from a vast network of connected weather stations around the world.

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