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Boothwyn, PA - May 14, 2019


PVMet 500 specifically designed for commercial and utility PV efficiency monitoring

TRENTON, MAINE – RainWise, a manufacturer of professional grade meteorological equipment, continues to make advancements in weather technology. The PVMet 500, the world’s first compact and modular professional grade Modbus RTU weather station is specifically designed for PV efficiency monitoring. The technology puts the PVMet 500 in its own class with RainWise’s advanced weather measurement technology, combined with precise solar monitoring, giving users a versatile and reliable weather sensor tool unlike any other.

"This level of precision, and versatility especially around irradiance sensors options was previously unheard of in the PV monitoring market," said Carsten Steenberg, CEO of Rainwise, Inc. "The PVMet 500 is true to its name in that it was specifically designed for commercial and utility grade PV efficiency monitoring. Having reliable PV data available in an instant with a weather station that has a fast and easy installation is an incredible step forward in weather technology."

The PVMet 500 has base model sensors that can measure basic weather data, ambient temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Users can opt for additional sensors to measure windspeed, wind direction, and rainfall. The PVMet 500 also supports up to three irradiance sensors in any combination of thermopile (all standards and classes) and silicon diode technologies, configured to monitor global, plane of array albedo (bifacial PV) and diffused solar parameters. In addition, it can monitor the PV panel temperature via three individual sensors in thermal blocks.

"The increasing demand for accurate monitoring in the growing utility and commercial grade PV projects makes the PVMet 500 a valuable choice for both segments," said Steenberg. "We are able to keep up with these demands because RainWise is committed to the high accuracy technology and the data being collected. Even with all of the increasing demand we are seeing from EPC’ and Commercial Solar Financing companies, this technology is giving the client access to better data and the opportunity for more precise monitoring information than ever before."

The PVMet 500 promises accurate monitoring, and easy setup with all mounting hardware included. Its design also accounts for the possibility of excessively high winds, allowing the tracking mechanism to be moved level to avoid damage to the device.

The PVMet 500 will be on display with RainWise starting Wednesday in Munich, Germany, at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. There is expected to be a focus on PV, solar thermal technology, and network infrastructure and solutions. The exhibition and conference run May 15-17 in Munich.

"The PVMet 500 is geared toward this industry and is revolutionary for solar solutions," said Steenberg.

More information about Intersolar Europe can be found at

About RainWise
RainWise, located in Trenton, Maine, incorporated in 1974 starting with a remote reading tipping bucket rain gauge. RainWise later developed the first digital weather station in 1981 and now has more than 50 rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors, and related software. RainWise is employee-owned and continues to manufacture professional grade meteorological equipment for, enterprise, industrial applications PV Solar & consumer. More details can be found at
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