Rainew™ Rain Gauge


The 8" diameter tipping bucket rain gauge meets NWS specifications for accuracy. Integrate the standalone rain gauge into your existing solution or add a RainLog™ Data Logger, single or dual display, and RL-Loader™ 2 Software.



  • Self-emptying 8" Diameter Rain Bucket
  • Meets NWS Specifications

Additional Options:

Single display: Includes a 60’ wired single display. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the indoor display and the gauge empties. Each tip of the bucket shows one-hundredth of an inch on the indoor LCD display. The display will indicate up to 9.99" of rain and can be reset to zero after each rainfall. An alkaline counter battery is included.

RainLog Data Logger: Record rainfall frequency, time, and duration with this battery-operated logger. Rainfall is logged at a one-minute resolution and has the capacity for several years of data. Includes USB connectivity and a battery monitor LED that changes from green to red when the battery is low. Two AAA batteries are included.

RainLogger Complete System: The RainLogger Complete System is a full-range system for monitoring rainfall. This integrated system features a Rainew™ Rain Gauge, RainLog™ Data Logger, RL-Loader™ 2 Software, and 36” mounting mast.

RL-Loader 2 Software: Easily visualize changes in weather patterns with this free windows-based software package. RL-Loader is used to configure and download data in both text and graphical formats and can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel. Runs on Windows XP or later.


Rain Gauge Sensor

Accuracy: 5% at 2"/hr (5% upgradeable to 2%)
Resolution: 0.01 in/hr or 0.1mm/hr
Range: 0 to 7.8 in/hr

RainWise Rain Gauge Manuals

Manual for the Rainew 111 Rain Gauge

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