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Boothwyn, PA - February 11, 2021


RainWise has poured decades of weather station experience into their design of the MK4-C – the first compact, modular, solar-powered commercial-grade weather station utilizing an integrated cellular modem with the first year of data free. Easily installed, highly customizable, and built to last in extreme environments, the MK4-C is a safe long-term investment that will adapt to your business needs and changing industry landscapes.

RainWise, a Nielsen-Kellerman® brand, announces the release of the MK4-C Cellular Weather Station®. The new modular weather station has been purpose-built to meet your specific monitoring needs without complex sensor, power, and communication configuration decisions. In our fast-changing world, accurate weather data is a must, particularly in highly regulated industries or any activity potentially affected by extreme conditions. The MK4-C ($1295) is a compact, modular, solar-powered commercial-grade weather station utilizing an integrated cellular modem and built-in aspirated fan for up to 50% greater temperature and relative humidity accuracy. Mount in minutes and receive up to the minute site weather conditions and history viewable on your online station dashboard. 

Turn-Key Installation

Today, most professional-grade weather stations are complicated to buy, requiring many decisions around communication, data storage, power options, and data download. RainWise believes you should be able to purchase your weather station in minutes and install it with equal ease. The MK4-C comes equipped with an integrated cellular modem, high-power photovoltaic panel, battery, and intelligent power management – no external power source, electrical grid, or Wi-Fi connectivity required. The MK4-C is an all-in-one unit that ships fully assembled and calibrated, and mounts in minutes on a single mast for the utmost in functionality and convenience. Neither ruggedness nor reliability have been sacrificed. You can literally drive a truck over the sturdy station base, and each sensor is designed for years of performance in the most extreme conditions.

"Until now, the commercial weather station market has been frozen in time. Systems are so complex to buy and commission that professional system integrators exist just to help customers meet their weather monitoring requirements," says Alix James, CEO of RainWise, Inc. "With the MK4-C we set out to cut through the confusion and allow professionals to check "weather station" off their list affordably and easily, while still getting the rugged reliability and accuracy they require. This station represents decades of experience and years of research into power management and sensor accuracy. We are proud to bring a whole new look, feel and function to this professional weather station market."

Customizable Design and Data Plans to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Unlike other cellular weather stations, the MK4-C manages to combine one-click ordering of the base system with an easy-to-customize modular architecture, allowing you to add additional sensors at any time in the future. Future expansion sensors include an optional ultrasonic wind sensor and agricultural sensors. RainWise also gives you low-cost data rates with the first year of data free. Extreme connectivity allows you to conveniently view, store, and share data from, Weather Underground, and after a setup routine that takes just minutes.


  • Full suite of meteorological measurements: temperature, relative humidity, wind speed & direction, dewpoint, barometric pressure, and rainfall<
  • All-in-one design for fast 20-minute setup
  • Integrated Cellular modem with cloud connected data plan for under $50/year
  • Intelligent Power Management ensures reliable reporting even in short day and cloudy conditions
  • High-power photovoltaic panel
  • Standard 24-hr aspirated fan
  • Highly visible LED status lights
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Mast
  • 2-Year Warranty

To order, or for additional information on the RainWise MK4-C, please visit

About Nielsen-Kellerman

Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) is the parent company for a family of measuring and monitoring technology brands focused on providing the accurate performance and weather data needed for safety, business success, research and defense as well as athletic and recreational activities. NK specializes in building products that perform in the most challenging outdoor environments from the water to the desert. NK's largest division is the weather division, encompassing Kestrel® Weather and Environmental Meters, Ambient Weather® Stations and internet dashboards, and RainWise® Professional Grade Weather Stations and Rain Gauges. NK also designs and builds NK Sports Performance electronics for rowing and paddling, Kestrel® Ballistics Meters and MagnetoSpeed(R) Shooting Accessories for long-range shooting, and Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones for outdoor use. NK makes the majority of its products in the USA and is proud to be both a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing and an award-winning top workplace. For more information, visit

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