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Boothwyn, PA - May 19, 2021


RainWise, a Nielsen-Kellerman company (NK) and a leading manufacturer of custom commercial weather stations, solar monitoring stations, and rain gauges, announces its move into NK’s production facility.

Nielsen-Kellerman acquired RainWise in January 2020 to expand the range offerings for environmental monitoring solutions and confirm its commitment to becoming a full-spectrum provider of weather instrumentation. The facility is located in Boothwyn, PA at NK Headquarters and will accommodate leading-edge manufacturing, rigorous testing and calibration, and lean processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced lead times.

The transition was fueled by RainWise’s steady growth over the last decade, and the expansion of new products, such as the MK4-C, necessitating the need for larger space. The relocation will offer a more extensive, streamlined production flow and testing due to ongoing investments in new technology.

The transition will begin the first week of June and conclude the first week of July. There will be a temporary lead time delay of 8-12 weeks during the transition phase.

About Nielsen-Kellerman

Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) is the parent company for a family of measuring and monitoring technology brands focused on providing the accurate performance and weather data needed for safety, business success, research and defense as well as athletic and recreational activities. NK specializes in building products that perform in the most challenging outdoor environments from the water to the desert. NK's largest division is the weather division, encompassing Kestrel® Weather and Environmental Meters, Ambient Weather® Stations and internet dashboards, and RainWise® Professional Grade Weather Stations and Rain Gauges. NK also designs and builds NK Sports Performance electronics for rowing and paddling, Kestrel® Ballistics Meters and MagnetoSpeed(R) Shooting Accessories for long-range shooting, and Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones for outdoor use. NK makes the majority of its products in the USA and is proud to be both a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing and an award-winning top workplace. For more information, visit

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