The MK-III Computer Package

MK-III Weather Station with CC-3000 computer interface and weather data logger for use with a PC or Mac.

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The foundation of every RainWise weather station package is the MK-III weather station. The MK-III is the most accurate, easy-to-install and durable weather station available. This station comes fully assembled, is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 pounds.

The CC-3000 allows you to access your weather station data on your computer using either a PC based, or MAC based software. Each CC-3000 is shipped with a free version of PC compatible Weatherview32 V8 Home Edition. Upgrades are available. WeatherSnoop software for MAC computers is sold separately.

This package contains:

  • MK-lll-LR Weather Station
  • CC-3000 Computer Interface
  • Mono Mount

RainWise Misc Downloads

This document is the instructions for changing your RH/T (also known as Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor) This is for the version 80 sensors, most recent for MKIII Products in 2019/2020.

This document is the instructions for changing Cables for either the Mini Aervane or Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors or Both.

RainWise MK-III Weather Station Downloads

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

Current version is 1.3 Build 022

RainWise MK-III Weather Station Manuals

RainWise Rain Gauge Downloads

This document describes in detail how to troubleshoot no rainfall data.

RainWiseNet Web Solutions Downloads

RainWise MK-III Troubleshooting Documents

This is the part replacement instructions for a Mini-Aervane (also known as) a Anemometer. This is for the MKIII, and earlier version Weather Stations, Agromet, and Telemet Stations.

Product Questions

Please see our guidance here for changing a Reed Switch Assembly:

Instructions for Changing a Reed Switch Assembly

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The MK-III Weather Station is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt / 5 AMP Hour Battery.  It is a rechargeable battery that is recharged daily by the solar panel attached to the weather station sensor assembly.

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Please see our guidance here for changing the battery in my MK-III weather station:

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

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Effective April 1, 2020 - Rainwise Inc. has only one mobile app available and supported for Users.


It is FREE in both the itunes store and Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, you can either add a station, or multiple stations.  You can either log into your Account using the same credentials that you currently use at or you can add individual stations one at a time by adding that station's "STATION PLACEHOLDER"

This is just another term or different verbiage for your "mobile app station ID"  It is typically a six character alpha numeric combination.  For example, the Station Placeholder for the Rainwise Weather Station located at our Office in Trenton, Maine is:  E61N7G

You can find the Station Placeholder in your Settings tabs.  It is located on the STATION INFO tab, and it is listed as the APP Station ID.

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