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TROPOS Data Logger

A simple yet sophisticated electronic data logger.

Data logger for receiving and processing meteorological measurment values. The TROPOS is available in 3 different varieties in order to provide maximum flexability. Data is transmitted to TROPOS through the sensors that are linked to it. This data is then stored on a compact flash card (CF) within TROPOS, and can also be viewed on the LC display in real time. TROPOS has a storage capacity on the CF card for around one year on average. Data transfer is possible by means of the CF card, or via RS 232 to a PC or laptop. Optional items can also be used including RS 485, GSM and telephone and radio modems.


There are three different models of the TROPOS; The TROPOS-100, which can connect to one weather sensor, the TROPOS-112, which can connect with up to twelve sensors, and the TROPOS 124, which can connect with up to twenty four different sensors. No matter what your level of meteorology is, there is a TROPOS data logger that fits your needs.



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Product details

•Cost efficient, state of the art technology

•Compact data acquisition

•Simple top hat rail mounting

•Compact flash card as central and mobile storage medium

•Data transfer via RS 232, RS 485 (optional) or with other well known modem types

•Simple system configuration using the TROPOS COMMANDER software

•Modular system for a number of classical and professional applications

•Main or solar power supply

•Operation by means of a push/ rotary switch, LCD and intuitive configuration and read out software.

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