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RainWise is pleased to announce its partnership with one of Germany’s most respected industrial grade meteorological manufacturing companies, Lambrecht Meteo. RainWise now has exclusive distribution rights in the US for Lambrecht Meteo products.

Lambrecht Meteo has been creating high quality German made weather equipment since 1859 and has granted RainWise exclusive distribution rights in the US, as well as rights to sell worldwide (except for China and Norway). With this partnership, RainWise is proud to expand our industrial line of precision weather insturments. The Lambrecht Meteo line of products pleasantly supplements RainWise’ prestigious line of professional meteorological measurment and monitoring solutions.

RainWise will be reselling Lambrecht stand-alone sensors and complete weather stations.

Ideal For:
•Building automation
•Wind Power Plants
•Offshore Applications
•Traffic Data
Key Features:
•Minimal Maintenance Due to Highest Quality Products
•Made of Non- Corroding Materials
•Easy Installation
•Extraordinarily Precise Sensors
•Data Storage Capable of a Whole Year
•Continous Data Transfer to Prevent Loss
•Internal Heaters for Any Climate


Lambrecht Product Line


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