IP-100 Wi-Fi Adapter

300 Mbps Router for use with IP-100

Wi-Fi Adapter for use with the IP-100. The Ethernet Bridge is an environmentally safe Wi-Fi signal repeater. It is useful for situations where the signal to the station is weak. Working in the repeater mode, the Ethernet Bridge can be doubled to extend the original Wi-Fi signal coverage, while ensuring the security of the wireless signal. Comes with USB Power Cube.

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The adapter works at the edges of the original Wi-Fi hotspot signal coverage, and in repeater mode is able to receive weak Wi-Fi signal, and then increase it to normal, safe strength. This differs from the traditional wireless signal amplifiers as it only amplifies the signal and ignores the wireless security.


  • WiFi intelligent bridge function
  • Wi-Fi intelligent repeater mode, Wi-Fi hot spot automatic scan and Wi-Fi hot spot memory function
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi hotspot function
  • Supports web remote free firmware upgrades
  • input voltage: DC5V-15V, total input power: ≥5W

Hardware Specifications

  • Interface:1 DC2.0 power hole
  • Dedicated 2-in-1 power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable
  • Reset button (long press 5 seconds)
  • Antenna: Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2dbm Antennas

Basic Function

Wi-Fi Hotspot scan automatically; Wi-Fi Hotspot memory; Wi-Fi Hotspot switches.
input voltage: DC5V-15V total input power: ≥5W


  • 1 - Ethernet Bridge
  • 1 - USB Power Cube

Product Questions

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