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My Rainwise.net page is not showing data. How do I fix it?

If your Rainwise.net Dashboard is not showing data ...

First, determine if it is either "no radio signal" or "Offline".  These mean two very different things, and will be troubleshot differently as well.

NO RADIO SIGNAL means that your receiving device (IP-100 or Telemet) is not receiving any data or signal from the weather station (transmitting device).  If your outside sensor assembly is easily accessible and you are registering NO RADIO SIGNAL feel free to power cycle the weather station (transmitting device) outside using the toggle switch on the bottom.  If this does not recover your signal within 30 minutes, please contact tech support.

OFFLINE means that your receiving device is not communicating with our servers here at Rainwise.  Typically indicating that it is not able to communicate with the world wide web (internet).  This has nothing to do with the signal coming from the weather station (transmitting device).  Your system could still be receiving data from the weather station, yet not able to send the data to the Rainwise.net servers.  If it has been OFFLINE for only a short time your receiving device may have cached data stored in it temprarily, so please do not unplug or power cycle the network device until you first test your internet connectivity using other internet capable devices connected to your network.

Please feel free to contact tech support directly for further troubleshooting.


For company wide server status for rainwise.net please check here for any maintenance or outage reports: