The PVmet is Now a Standard for Every SunEnergy1 Installation

SunEnergy1, an engineering, procurement and construction company based in North Carolina, designs, builds and manages solar energy producing installations. With installations totaling tens of thousands of solar panels, SunEnergy1 has become one of our leading purchasers of the RainWise PVmet solar energy and environmental monitoring weather stations.

David Giles, Operations & Maintenance Manager from SunEnergy1, enthusiastically supports the value of data he receives from the PVmet in monitoring and maintenance of the solar panels. In particular the plane-of-array and back-of-panel sensors provide the specific monitoring data that has enabled SunEnergy1 technicians to maximize the energy output from their solar arrays, and according to Giles, "the PVmet is very a trustworthy product, easy to install and maintain. It gives consistent readings for our solar panel monitoring."

PVmet Solar Energy Monitoring Station
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