RainWise and Weather Underground provide comprehensive weather solutions for Brazilian agriculture summitt

RainWise is a leading global manufacturer of reference-grade, innovative meteorological measurement and monitoring solutions for professional, industrial, consumer and custom applications. In business for over 41 years, RainWise is an industry pioneer with patents for the original tipping bucket rain gauge, the first digital weather station and the first wireless weather station.

Director of Global Sales, Alex Birdsall, is committed to utilizing highly strained agriculture resources, commenting: "For growing populations around the world facing food and water insecurity while contending with increasingly extreme weather, precision agriculture has emerged as path forward that best utilizes limited resources through comprehensive monitoring and efficient management."

Founded in 1995 as the first online weather service, Weather Company subsidiary Weather Underground supplies weather data solutions to many of the leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through their mobile apps and data management software. After 20 years of exemplary service to both consumers and business customers, Weather Underground was acquired by IBM in February 2016.


The Brazilian Climate

Key to the revolution of Brazil's sustainable intensification is optimizing the use of inputs. While a large focus is rightly placed on agrochemicals such as bio fertilisers and soil adjuvants, the correct water input is also vital to maximum efficiency and yield on the farm. Irrigation systems is one factor, but maximum potential could be gained by utilizing the Brazilian climate to its utmost; specifically, its level of rainfall.

To this end, RainWise and Weather Underground will work together to offer their insights, technology and expertise to the Brazilian agriculture climate by attending Sustainable Intensification 2016. Together, they will offer the machines and hardware essential for farmers to use the weather to aid their crop growth, as well as the data and software that is necessary to take full advantage. They are expected to share a space to discuss their organisations as one comprehensive precision agriculture solution.

John Celenza, Weather Underground's Director of Technology, is due to speak at Sustainable Intensification 2016, and expressed Weather Underground's delight at attending:

"At the upcoming summit, we look forward to collaborating with industry leaders to discover innovative ways to maximize sustainability and increase the availability and accessibility of localised weather data throughout Brazil."

Challenge Advisory are pleased to welcome RainWise and Weather Underground to Sustainable Intensification 2016, and wishes them to continue to innovate in order to provide efficiency to Brazilian agriculture.