Author: Monica Devlin

  1. Weather Forecasting and My Outdoor Event

    This article originally appeared in North American Clean Energy magazine Sept/Oct 2018 10% chance of rain. Mother Nature, “Hold my drink.” Boom, there goes your outdoor event! We plan, we worry, we then watch the forecast for weeks and days prior to the big event. Forecasting weather is a science. There is truly only one thing you can’t Read more...
  2. RainwiseNet upgrade benefits growers. RainWise/EKO partnership offers PV industry a new level of precision

    RainWise Inc., an industry leader and pioneer in the technological development and manufacturing of professional weather instruments and software products based in Trenton, Maine USA has released an upgrade to their versatile weather app RainwiseNet. The Beta version will include new modeling features specific to the agriculture industry such as Read more...

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