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August 10, 2011

RainWise introduces the new CC-3000 Computer Interface Full Data Logger.

The CC-3000 provides the user with the ability to observe, archive and export the weather data provided by the MKlll sensor assembly. An integrated radio, fast USB or RS-232, and 2MB of flash memory are only a few of the many updates to this unit which replaces our previous interface models: the MKlllCC, CC-2000, and WS-2000. The included software package provides multiple viewing screens of real-time weather, daily, monthly and yearly summaries, alarming capability and internet posting, and will communicate with any host system that supports the FTDI USB serial bridge. The CC-3000 is supported by several third party software packages such as 'Weatherview 32,' 'VirtualWeather,' and 'WeatherSnoop,' and can be used with any generic terminal emulator software such as 'HyperTerminal.'

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