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December 1, 2016

RainWise, Inc. Announces New Davis-Compatible Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Continuing the progression of their top of the line wind sensors, LCJ Capteurs provides us another superior ultrasonic wind sensor, the Sonic-Anemo-DZP. This fully autonomous ultrasonic wind sensor powers itself through its built in solar panel requiring no additional power. It is well suited for remote installations where power consumption makes a difference. The "Plug & Play" LCJ Sonic-Anemo-DZP connects directly to a pulse or potentiometer input. It is compatible with Davis Weather Stations such as the Vanatge Pro 2, and replaces Davis anemometer model numbers: 7911, 7913, 7914 and 6410.

None of the LCJ ultrasonic wind sensors have moving parts, which allows for accurate measurements even of the lightest winds and greatly increases reliability. The Sonic-Anemo-DZP has an update interval of once per second and has an operating temperature range of -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F). These sensors are produced with marine grade and corrosion free materials, proving to be a natural fit for operation in harsh and extreme environments.

LCJ Capteurs started designing and manufacturing ultrasonic wind sensors in 1999 for the marine industry. Their current range of wind sensors caters to an assortment of demands including weather stations, industrial uses, security and agricultural applications. In recent times, these wind sensors have gained attention and are being used in innovative ways such as autonomous sailboats, wind powered land vehicles, theme park risk management, smart buildings and artistic exhibits like the Water Mirror Fountain exhibit in Nantes, France.

These ultrasonic wind sensors are exclusively distributed in the North American region through RainWise, Inc.

RainWise Inc., is a leading global provider of precision high quality, innovative meteorological measurement and monitoring solutions for professional, agricultural, industrial, consumer and custom applications. Celebrating more than 40 years in business, RainWise is an industry pioneer with patents for the original tipping bucket rain gauge, the world's first digital consumer weather station and the first wireless consumer weather station. Current products include multiple weather stations, a PVmet line of solar monitoring stations, data loggers, rain gauges, anemometers, individual RainWise sensors and a flexible weather software tool for cloud-based data management, monitoring and analysis, which are all fully made in the United States. RainWise is known for it's unmatched long-term reliability and customer service.

All LCJ products are manufactured in Vertou, France. Additional products are available.


View the Sonic-Anemo Product Page Here


Company Contact:
Eric Rollins
Sales Director
RainWise, Inc.
(207) 266-8465

Media Contact:
Jordan Zwerdling
Marketing Coordinator
RainWise, Inc.
(207) 801-4034


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