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September 14, 2015

RainWise Expands Line of PVmet™ Weather Stations

RainWise Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 3 new PVmet™ weather station solutions, bringing the total to 7 stock options available in the PVmet™ meteorological line. These quality stations have become the 1st choice of professional monitoring addons for leading utility, commercial & industrial solar installations, helping to maximize PV output and streamline maintenance. The latest offerings developed to answer the needs of the industry include:

• PVmet™-75 our economical offering featuring RainWise’ own premier irradiance sensor. This PVmet model makes precision solar data affordable for small commercial monitoring projects and economical for adding multiple stations to bigger PV sites.

• PVmet™-150/200 combo solution for small utility grade solar farms. This flexible solution can be configured to fit most specifications demanded by small to medium utility grade monitoring projects. It can be configured with WMO 2nd or 1st Class (including secondary standard) thermopile pyranometers. The wind sensor can also be upgraded to an ultra-sonic anemometer.

• PVmet™-200 US with a high precision Ultra Sonic Anemometer featuring no moving parts. This station is a great fit for applications that demand maintenance free solutions and high precision wind data.

“ With these new additions to the family of weather stations specific to the PV solar industry, RainWise will now have the broadest selection of solutions on the market.”                                                  Carsten Steenberg, RainWise CEO


As with all members of the PVmet™ family of meteorological stations, these new models are compact, durable, easy to install, and offer an exceptional 2-year warranty. Using stainless steel hardware and ultra-violent inhibited materials, each model in the PVmet™ line operates over a broad range of temperatures. The PVmet™ 75, 200US and 150/200 Combo are all either SunSpec compatible or certified and all communicate with simple integration via Modbus RTU interface using RS-485.


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