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April 17, 2015

RainWise Exclusive North American Distributor for LCJ Capteurs Land-based Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

RainWise Inc. announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with LCJ Capteurs to serve and support North America, effective March 1, 2015.  RainWise, known for the manufacture of precision weather instruments, is pleased to add the top quality LCJ products to their offerings.  Providers of premium weather equipment for over 40 years, RainWise now has exclusive rights for the North American distribution of the LCJ land-based ultrasonic wind sensor line, and general distribution rights for the marine-based ultrasonic sensor line.

(CV7 patented Ultrasonic Wind Sensor)


"We're very excited about our partnership with LCJ Capteurs," said Carsten Steenberg, CEO of RainWise Inc. "We have built our reputation on providing the finest precision technology at an affordable price point.  The compact, low energy consumption, virtually indestructible, and maintenance–free CV7 line of ultrasonic wind sensors uses a patented technology, which makes wind speed measurement extremely accurate.  With the important added feature of multiple connectivity options, thissensor supports most communication protocols and therefore can connect to any standard application.”

(Carsten Steenberg, CEO, RainWise, and Christophe Michel, President, LCJ Capteurs)

In addition to acting as North American distributors for the LCJ Capteurs ultrasonic line, RainWise is also working on several new products that incorporate this patented wind sensor technology.

The CV7 line of LCJ Ultrasonic Wind Sensors and related products can be purchased from the RainWise website ( or through our sales staff at


RainWise, pioneers in professional weather equipment and monitoring solutions since 1974, is based in Trenton, Maine.  LCJ Capteurs, Vertou, France, has been manufacturing wind sensors since 1999, and has been recognized by the French Ministry of Research for accuracy and dependability.

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