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July 1, 2014

RainWise Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

(RainWise CEO, Carsten Steenberg)


RainWise, manufacturer of precision meteorological instruments, was incorporated in 1974.  Our founder, John Baer, was a charismatic man and prolific inventor credited with many patents including the clutch mechanism that, to this day, is used in every photocopier that uses a clutch.  In 1974, John obtained the original US patent for the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.  Although the patents on the Rain Gauge have since expired, the modifications that John brought to this nearly 400-year-old design have become standard in the industry.


RainWise has always been a pioneer in the weather-monitoring field. Following a move to Bar Harbor, Maine in 1981, the company developed the world’s first digital electronic home weather station, the WS-1000™.


Another 1st was introduced in 1996 with the first wireless, solar powered consumer weather station, the WS-2000™. 


RainWise was now expanding from its original precision consumer product base to include Professional  & Industrial Weather Monitoring Systems including:


  • In 2000, RainWise released the PortLOG™,  - the first weather station in a box for portable, remote weather data collection.


  • In 2003, RainWise released the portable HM-1™, Hazmat sensor assembly for tracking, among other things, smoke and chemical plume dispersal.


In 2004 (RainWise’s 30th anniversary), John Baer retired and sold the company to a group of long-time employees and the new owner-employees elected Bunny Emerson as President. 


Innovation continued under the new management with the introduction, in 2006, of the MK-lll-LR™, Long Range weather station – the 1st consumer wireless weather station to have a 1-mile, line-of-sight transmission.

In December of 2010, Dr. Michael A. Vietti, Vice President of Engineering, co-owner and a founding father of RainWise Inc. passed away in his sleep.  Later that same year Carsten Steenberg joined the RainWise owner-employee team as Executive VP.

Continuing at the forefront of the industry, in 2011 RainWise entered two new markets with two new products:

  • The IP-100™ Network Interface  - this compact device paved the way for the RainwiseNET™ online data portal and for our new line of custom online Dashboard solutions.  This technology provides a direct transfer of weather data to the cloud-based portal without the need for an intermediary computer.  It updates the information at a 2-second interval, allowing for real time information. The IP-100™ also allowed RainWise to develop apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android based mobile devices for the ground-breaking ability to get personal weather data anywhere, anytime.


  • The PVmet series of Solar Panel Monitors saw the company enter into the renewable energy field.  The PVmet provides solar field managers the ‘bankable data’ necessary to monitor the efficiency of the panel production.  


(Christopher Winstead, District Representative for Congressman Mike Michaud)

In 2013 RainWise provided a data solution for the Agricultural market with the introduction of the AgroMET™, a combination of agricultural specific sensor assembly technology, and leading edge online technology to give up-to-the-minute weather monitoring information to this sector.  Also in 2013 RainWise moved to our new plant in Trenton, ME, Bunny retired as President and Carsten was named CEO.

On June 24, 2014 RainWise celebrated it’s 40th anniversary.  RainWise continues its with custom online Dashboard solutions and a contract from the Maine State Forest service to provide critical real-time environmental data to firefighters. On a final note, and as testament to the company, the average length of employment is 12.5 years! Congratulations, RainWise, may you continue to flourish for the next 40.

(Carsten speaks to a group of employees, owners and friends at the 40th anniversay celebration)

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