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December 1, 2013

RainWise Poised for Expansion

RainWise, Inc. a leading professional grade weather station manufacture in the US for over 39 years is excited to announce the launch of their new European marketing campaign.  Exhibiting for the first time at an overseas tradeshow, the Meteorological Technology Expo 2013, marks RainWise’s readiness to promote it’s successful line of products to the European market and beyond.

Many of RainWise’s quality precision products are now approved to the CE standard. These fine products have been highly regarded for their dependability and ease of use for generations in the US, and now with CE certification these research grade sensor assemblies and related environmental measurement equipment are available to the European market.

In 2011 RainWise released RainWise.NET™, the leading online weather portal from a professional weather station manufacture.  By connecting through RainWise’s compact

IP-100™ network interface, data from a target MK-lll-LR™ or AgroMET™ weather station is uploaded directly to the cloud in 3-second increments, making online data retrieval virtually real-time.

The standard version of RainWise.NET™ comes free with every IP-100™.  RainWise is on the verge of releasing the RainWise.NET™ Pro version that will support enhanced graphical statistics and alarm features.  Both versions of RainWise.NET™ have been prepared for easy translation into whatever language is needed upon request.

“ Feedback on RainWise.NET™ from the US market has been very favorable,” says Wayne Burnett, Chief Technical Officer at RainWise, “ it has simplified the collection, storage and analysis of data. Having a centralized cloud based system has also improved the reliability of the data collection process.”

The latest exciting product to come from this pioneering company is the TeleMET™, cellular based telemetry. The latest technology in remote connectivity, the solar powered or hard wired TeleMET™ uses a GSM/GPRS modem or SIM card cell phone link-up for optimal remote placement. Now it is possible to upload data without an Internet connection!  The TeleMET™  can also have a customize upload rate to fit project constraints. 

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