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October 29, 2006

Wireless Weather Station breaks the one-mile range

Bar Harbor (October 29, 2006) - RainWise, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of affordable weather stations in the U.S. and abroad, has dramatically expanded the range of their popular, solar powered, MKIII weather station to a one mile range (LOS). This vastly surpasses other comparable weather stations on the market, where the current long range distance is 1000 feet.

Another breakthrough feature for this modified product is that it now transmits data every 2 seconds, without delay, so information sent to the LED display or computer interface is virtually real-time. It uses spread spectrum radio technology. And while the range may vary due to environmental conditions (such as topography, building walls, snow, etc.), the MKIII-LR far surpasses (by as much as 4X) any wireless weather station in its class and price range.

The new MKIII-LR, just like the MKIII, measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, relative humidity, wind chill, dew point. It also shows direction variation, stores min's and max's, and has an optional computer interface with logging capability.

Complete systems for the MKIII-LR start at just $1085.00

RainWise, Inc., is a manufacturer of weather monitoring systems for many industrial uses, including a line of HazMat products used by emergency service professionals. Visitors to their discount showroom in Bar Harbor, Maine, can demonstrate their complete line of consumer products. In business for 32 years, RainWise is an employee-owned and operated company providing affordably-priced, high-quality products that are manufactured in the U.S.

Visit their website at for a full listing of products, or call 800-762-5723.

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