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Selecting and Ordering a MK-III Weather Station

The MK-III weather station is available in a number of different configurations. Each item is sold separately to allow you to choose the items that best fit your needs. This guide will help you select the components you need.

Long Range MK-III-LR vs MK-III

The new long range MK-III-LR adds two new features to the original MK-III, range and update rate. The MK-III-LR extends the range of the MK-III from 400 feet to 1 mile line of site. The MK-II-LR may be necessary for applications where distances exceed 400 feet or where the signal needs to travel through mediums that absorb significant amounts of RF energy. Metal roofs and reinforced concrete are typical examples.

Both the MK-III and the MK-III-LR have 2 second update rates. The MK-III's data lags by 30 seconds. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds from sensor assembly. It is then unpacked by the receiving device and displayed in 2 seconds updates. The MK-III-LR transmits data every 2 seconds. The receiving devices are therefore able to display near real-time data. It is important to note that the MK-III will not miss any wind gusts, the peaks are still captured. They are just delayed by 30 seconds.


Sensor Assembly (Required)

This is the MK-III weather station. It contains all of the necessary sensors to measure outdoor weather conditions. There are three different styles or versions of the MK-III.

MK-III Sensor assembly with integrated rain gauge. This is our most popular choice and features a rain collector attached to the main sensor assembly.

MK-III Sensor assembly with remote rain gauge. This is model has a remote rain collector that can be mounted at ground level. This is a popular choice for locations that require regular cleaning of the collector. Leaves can clog the collector and must be removed to ensure accurate operation.

MK-III Sensor assembly without rain gauge. This model does not have a rain collector.

Displays (Required if MKIICC (_LR) is not selected)

Data is broadcast from the MK-III sensor assembly. A display is required to receive and view this data. Each display has its own receiver. Below is list of displays that are compatible with the MK-III sensor assembly.

Weather Oracle MK-III Display
This is our most popular display choice. It is available with a Cherry, Mahogany, black or metal frame.

Weather Oracle
The Weather Oracle is a smaller more compact display. It is often used as a secondary display.

Computer Interface (Optional)

The MKIIICC (-LR) computer interface is a data logger and PC interface for the MK-III weather station. The MKIIICC (-LR)has its own receiver and therefore operates independently of the displays. For PC only applications, no display is needed. Real-time data can be viewed using the software provided with the interface.

Mounting (Normally required)

The MK-III sensor assembly must be securely mounted. Rainwise offers the MK-III Mono Mount and tripod as mounting solutions. The Mono Mount is the most popular choice due to its size and mounting flexibility.




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