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Case Studies

March 17, 2014

Rain Gauges used for Forecasting Precipitation in Norway

Roar Has installed RainWise rain gauges in a number of remote locations

" I appreciate very much the accuracy.  At least once a year I do check of the calibration of every rain gauge. Fine tuning of the calibration is easy to do. The accuracy of the gauges is found to be better than +/- 2 %. "

"I find also the rain gauges very reliable. Usually I inspect my gauges once a month to check that there are no errors. Very seldom data have been lost, and those few times due to my mistakes when changing data loggers or poor batteries in cold weather."

"The durability is impeccable both for the gauges and the loggers. The oldest gauge, which have stand outside now for 7 years (since 2007) during all year in heavy rain (4000 millimeter precipitation a year) and periods with snow that have completely covered the rain gauge for several weeks, still works perfect. The only thing I see is that the finish of the collector is slightly more matte."

"The rain gauges are also easy to use and have a compact design. Due to that my gauges are put up in remote mountain areas several miles from roads; I have bought two extra loggers. When I hike up in the mountains, I take with me only a new logger to change the old logger in the gauge. Downloading of data is therefore only done in the computer at home. Two of my highest located gauges (450 m.a.s.l. and 835 m.a.s.l.), are taken down from the mountain during the winter season. But I can easily put both of them into one back pack when I reinstall them in the summer.   "

"Before I bought RainWise gauges, I used cheaper gauges. Then I had to inspect my gauges every week (and sometimes more often) to read the measurements, and only day to day readings. RainWise gauges with loggers have the capability to stand outside without inspections for several months and they are fairly cheap. I appreciate that they have measurements every minute, so I see the intensity of the rain, and every tip is for 0.2 millimeters (only 1 millimeter for the other gauge)."

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