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RainWise and Weather Underground provide comprehensive weather solutions for Brazilian agriculture summitt.

Partner organizations RainWise and Weather Underground today pledged to help Brazilian agriculture fulfill its immense potential with their revolutionary precision agriculture technology, with a focus on weather management systems.

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How to collect and analyze data from 100,000 weather stations

RainWise, Inc gets a thumbs up from the Weather Company for providing valuable data to feed their big data analytics.

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Community "Solar Garden" Powers Ontario Homes & Businesses

Engenuity Systems Collaborates with Endura Energy and RainWise for Best- in-Class Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems.

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High School gets Hands-on Learning with MK-lll

RainWise weather station at the center of major weather-based technology donation for Cazenovia High School.

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The PVmet is now a standard for every SunEnergy1 installation

With installations totaling tens of thousands of solar panels, SunEnergy1 has become one of our leading purchasers of the RainWise PVmet solar energy and environmental monitoring weather station.

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Sending Data from High Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Operating microwave repeaters in the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan is an interesting challenge;knowing the weather conditions at the destination before we dispatch a team is a significant safety benefit.

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RainWise Telemetry MK-lll-LR Air Strip Project

Remote air strip in Australia is monitored with an MK-lll-LR and TeleMET so that the owner could monitor airstrip conditions before flying to the location.

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Australian Bush Fire Fighters use Mobile MK-lll Stations with Cellular TeleMET to Track Fire Spread

4 months without rain has given Australia one of the worst bush fire seasons on record. Using the MK-lll and cellular TeleMET, our 'Down Under ' dealer, RainWise Australia, is supplying fire fighters with a 'Quick Deploy' system to help track the path of these monster wild fires.

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MK-lll-LR Weather Station Part of Groundbreaking Project for Visually Impaired Students in Kenya

Research teams from Georgia Tech, USA, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, and the non-profit, inABLE, join forces with Weather Underground and RainWise to make weather data accessible to visually challenged students. Through a process called 'sonification,' visual weather data is transformed into sound as part of a project to expand resources for science and math education.

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Italian Company, RAMSAT, Pairs Weather Stations With WebCams

Creating some of the most spectacular panoramic views of Italy, RAMSAT founder, Giancarlo Razzi, has installed RainWise weather stations in urban and remote areas for capturing impressive pictures complete with with live weather data.

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Iowa Department of Transportation

MK-lll-LR used by Iowa DOT for monitoring real-time roadside weather conditions and pavement temperature. The information is used to help determine maintenance practices.

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Rain Gauges used for Forecasting Precipitation in Norway

Since 2006, Roar Inge Hansen, senior forecaster/meteorologist, has relied on RainWise rain gauges to improve forecasting of precipitation in mountainous areas of Norway near the coast. "For private use for research, I need equipment that is accurate, reliable and cheap. Rain gauges from RainWise fulfilled all my expectations – and more that that!"

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AgroMET Pest Forecasts Come To Connecticut

NEWA, the Network for Environment and Weather Applications based at Cornell University to install 40 new RainWise AgroMET weather stations statewide.

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RainWise WindLOG is Key in Patagonia Research

Researchers for the Patagonian National Centre (CENPAT), a multidisciplinary scientific research center for the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, rely on WindLOG data for understanding correlation between wind patterns and shellfish population.

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NWS Weather Spotter Relies on RainWise

National Weather Service spotter in Utah enjoys practicing "citizen science and keeping long term records for use in the future."

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Weather Channel Brings RainWise Onsite for Live Weather at NHL Classic

On January 1, 2014 the Weather Channel and Weather Underground set up one of our MK-lll stations on the back of their truck to monitor local conditions at the Bridgestone National Hockey League Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, making the real-time weather conditions for the event available online.

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Florida Dept. of Agriculture Citrus Growers

FDACS grant assists florida citrus farmers to monitor growing conditions with RainWise TeleMET and MK-lll-LR installations.

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Red Bull Sports Event Monitored Live by Weather Channel and MK-lll

Weather Channel installs two RainWise MK-lll-LR weather stations at Flugtag to stream live data directly to onsite event Jumbotron screens.

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Weather Underground Features MK-lll-LR in Personal Weather Station Network

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Ptarmigan Researchers from University of Colorado Collect Data with PortLOG

Remote mountain terrain and easy installation - perfect for the PortLOG.

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Installation is a Snap- Tutorial

Follow along with Weather Underground meteorologists as they show how easy it is to install an MK-lll station step by step.

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RainWise PVmet Installed in Alcatraz Solar Project

RainWise is proud that our PVmet 300 is an integral part of this solar solution.

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Hazmat Tracks Toxic Smoke From Plant Fire

Fire fighters employ RainWise Hazmat to track fallout and environmental impact of last week's fire at a transformer recycling plant in Columbia County.

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MK-lll Tracks Weather at US Tennis Open

Novac Djokovic won the Men’s title, and Samantha Stosur won the Women’s title at the US Open tennis tournament in New York City. The tournament ran from August 29th to September 12th, and officials kept a close eye on the changing weather conditions with the RainWise MKlll Weather Station.

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Creative use of Rain Gauge to study Methane Gas In Artic Lake

A Research Scientist at the University of Alaska used our rain gauges in an unusual experiment: to measure methane gas releasing in freshwater lakes.

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HazMAT monitors NASA Rocket Blast-off

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MK Sensor Assembly Monitors Smoke Plumes From Ground Zero

HazMAT contractors use RainWise for critical onsite data.

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